Interior design

Since you are here, you are probably looking for an interior designer. You already know that the design of a house or apartment is not only about arranging furniture and painting the walls. Interior design is organizing the relationship between space and its user. A well-designed interior uses the full potential of every space, although it is not always noticeable. The architect can find it and build the house you want. A house that will give you a sense of comfort and security that will be tailored to your needs. We create unique interior designs where you will find a place to fulfill your passions, needs and desires.

Personalized interior design that responds to the needs of specific people is extremely important to us. We are not looking for universal solutions, we are aware that each of us is different, has his own needs and expectations. In the work of an architect, it is the human being who is at the center. It is always a specific person – with their emotions, habits, and their own views on all aspects of life. Dialogue leading to finding ideal spatial solutions can be fascinating for both the architect and the investor. A good architect can convey his ideas in such a way that the investor is convinced that they are right. We build mutual trust throughout the duration of the project and it is necessary to achieve mutual success, which is the successful implementation of the investment. A photo session of the finished house is usually a nice end to the cooperation. This way of working translates into the variety and uniqueness of the interiors we design.

Interior architect

Jacek Tryc – graduated from the Warsaw University of Technology in the field of Architecture and Town Planning. Interior design has been the main scope of his work for 20 years. He is one of the founders of the Association of Interior Architects – an organization associating professional design studios. The aim of the association is, among other things, to organize the interior design services market. The studio is verified in terms of the architects’ education, experience, quality of services provided, work ethics, as well as compliance with the design standards set by SAW. Using the services of an architect associated in the Association of Interior Architects guarantees that you will receive a design at a high level, in line with the expectations and previous arrangements. The projects we offer meet the requirements of the Association of Interior Architects, both in formal and aesthetic matters.

VR visualizations

As one of the first studios in Warsaw, we implemented interior design in VR technology. Three-dimensional visualizations are viewed in special glasses. VR visualizations give you the feeling of actually being in the rooms we design. This way of presenting the conceptual design facilitates mutual contact between the architect and the investor. Errors and omissions that may arise while working on the project are largely eliminated.

Interior design

We offer a wide range of designing residential interiors – houses, flats and apartments: from conceptual drawings defining the spatial relations between zones and interior elements, through visualizations presenting interior design, including colors, lighting, textures and structures of the proposed materials, to the executive design, which it contains all the necessary information about details, installations and the method of implementing non-standard architectural solutions. A component part of the project is a list of the finishing materials proposed by the architect in the form of the so-called Moodboard. It includes fragments of fabrics, wall and floor cladding, samples of paints and metal finishes. All these elements create a coherent composition that shows the mutual relations of the details used in the project. The detailed interior design is supplemented with lists of finishing materials and a cost estimate for adaptation works. The entire design process is carried out within the time frames agreed with the investor, as well as on the basis of a detailed questionnaire of needs and expectations completed during the first working meeting with the architect.


We supervise the implementation of our projects and coordinate the delivery of construction materials. The correct sequence of finishing works and synchronization of deliveries of materials necessary at a given stage of works exclude damage and unnecessary downtime at the construction site. Close cooperation between the architect and the contractor simplifies the flow of information and excludes many avoidable errors. We work with high-class executive teams as well as artists and craftsmen who can realize our visions. The contractors and suppliers recommended by us always show high personal culture and a professional approach to work. Comprehensive project service allows for a significant reduction in the time of its implementation and reduces the need to involve the investor in the organization of the construction.


We work mainly in and around Warsaw, but we have projects all over Poland – in Zakopane, Sopot, Kraków, Gdańsk and many other places. Apart from Poland, we designed interiors in the United States, Germany, France, Switzerland and Lithuania. In the event of a foreign investment, we organize the delivery of finishing materials for the construction site, both within the European Union and in countries outside the European Union.

Our studio is located in Warsaw’s Żoliborz, near large stores offering interior design.

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